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We recognize that the stability of Troutbrook’s relationships with investors, employees, and partners is mutual trust and goodwill.

We believe in accountability, honesty, integrity and fairness.

Potential investments are sourced on a privately negotiated or limited competition basis and are Troutbrook's primary acquisition focus -- avoiding competitively and widely bid transactions. Approximately 50 percent of our executed transactions have been completed as off market deals.

Transaction size is a broad range with emphasis on acquiring assets that are underutilized or mismanaged. Troutbrook employs short to intermediate term holding periods for its investors of two to six years. Investments are targeted which are expected to benefit from strong supply/demand fundamentals and attractive long-term economic, market and demographic trends.

Troutbrook focuses on identifying multiple value enhancement and creative disposition strategies. Conservative underwriting processes and optimum capital structures are applied to all investments to maximize risk adjusted returns. Troutbrook underwriting encompasses extensive due diligence procedures, multiple exit scenarios and thorough analysis of property, legal, zoning, financial, demographic, engineering/environmental, tax and structural issues. Troutbrook supplements its in house team and asset management capabilities with its broad network and long standing relationships with local participants, and  intermediaries throughout the marketplace it invests.

Troutbrook culture is founded on energetic and an entrepreneurial working environment, with a collegiate atmosphere fostering a strong commitment  to the firm- with a very "hands-on", approach to construction management, contract bidding and negotiating. We pride the company culture in having the ability to swiftly react to opportunities and execute decisions in a disciplined time efficient manner.

Utilizing Troutbrook’s wide origination network, properties targeted will also include real estate owned by non-institutional owners along with domestic and foreign corporations divesting of non-core assets to reduce indebtedness.

Disciplined risk management systems - designed by experienced real estate and asset management professionals - are implemented by Troutbrook to effectively safeguard assets and efficiently evaluate investments for purposes of maximizing investor returns and profitability. Significant personal financial commitment is made in each investment by the principals of the firm.