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Marc Freud - Troutbrook Company New York

Criteria for Acquisitions


Troutbrook Company is actively engaged and seeking the acquisition of compelling investment properties in the range of $5 million to $100 million. Our company typically pursues strategic growth opportunities in real estate.  Pursuing geographical diversification, our preference is for investments in markets  with  strong  economic conditions, comparable  to  the  Northeast  region.  We  are  buying properties in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida.

Currently our portfolio includes multifamily, hotel and retail properties.

Our company would be interested in acquiring land for ground up  development, larger garden apartment multifamily assets and select service hospitality assets or existing rentals with possibilities of converting to for‐sale properties in key markets with dense population and cultural diversity. Joint Venture deals are also being executed.

We are seeking opportunities where additional value may be created by acquiring, renovating, leasing and repositioning facilities in various markets.  We are looking for Added Value Deals (LTV is capped at 65%) with a cap‐rate/NOI ratio appropriate to the market, if they are income‐producing assets. We are seeking real estate opportunities where value may be enhanced by infusing both capital and/or development or operational expertise.

Portfolio of properties or a single property submission please contact us.

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